21, Jan, 2020
Learn and Understanding About CPanel Hosting

Learn and Understanding About CPanel Hosting

Learn and Understanding about cPanel Hosting
as a blogger, of course we know about cPanel hosting. As we know, cPanel is one of the most popular applications for managing websites contained in hosting. With a simple interface where we just have to click, we can easily do the most common tasks such as setting up email accounts, backing up, installing software, etc. on your site.

Cause of this case, many web hosting companies offer cPanel. This is important to you, you have many choices. This guide helps you choose problems that you need to consider and choose the right hosting.

no matter you are a newbie in terms of websites, or you are an experienced webmaster, however Cpanel is a key to using hosting easily and quickly

Why Cpanel so interesting
Control Panel or Cpanel was originally developed for hosting companies offering Linux hosting. In this way, customers can manage the basic parts of their hosting services, such as their FTP logins and email address. This software has grown over 15 years and produced a by-product, WebPanel, thanks to its user-friendly interface and easy navigation.

Here is several cPanel bonuses for their user :

User can distribute general help documentation and do not need to develop so much internal help
User can transfer their knowledge as they move from host to host
cPanel prevents web hosting clients from taking risky or prohibited actions
WHM and cPanel work well together so that the host can use a combination of the two on the server-based hosting accounts to provide a unified experience for users
WHM and cPanel are safe when managed properly.
WHM also provides easy management of multiple customer and user-friendly cPanel backend.

So, now you are clear, why Cpanel is so much used by bloggers and web masters (especially beginners) to manage the hosting they rent. Cause its so familiar and easy to use.