21, Jan, 2020
Talk About Plesk and cPanel, Who is The Best ?

Talk About Plesk and cPanel, Who is The Best ?

Plesk and cPanel as solution Control Panel

cPanel is a web hosting control panel based on Linux with a graphical interface and automation tools that are easy to use. cPanel is designed with three-layer structure. Function adapted to the needs of the administrator, reseller and manager of the site user, with the server management and site management is controlled via a Web browser.

cPanel currently solving the control panel to be the most popular and stable. Plesk offers hosting service providers the opportunity to configure and maintain a Windows server or Linux. Management Service Provider has easy control subscription packages for resellers, customers and individuals to create. Along with support on the tools Word Press by using a Plesk 12.5 advanced security features on the server, which is useful for shared hosting. Support unlimited accounts and domains.

Here is the difference in a comparison of the plesk and cpanel :

Command line access

Both Plesk and cPanel provide access to the command line. cPanel has both command-line access and access through FIRE, enabling interaction with third-party Software. Plesk provides access tool command line, the Panel action protocol command line Access Tool is called.


developer web hosting can automate the process of system administration. cPanel is designed to work either as a dedicated server or virtual private server. Latest version cPanel supports installation on CloudLinux, CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. support-based applications like Apache, PHP and MySQL.E-Mail-based support includes IMAP, POP3 and SMTP services.

Remove the Panel

Remove cPanel not allowed. This requires reformatting the server and reinstalling the operating system. Uninstall script Plesk is available, but it is not recommended.

Simple operation-at the user interface level, the functionality of cPanel in high-level groups that includes preferences, email, files, protocols, security, domains, databases and software services. On the other hand, Plesk is divided into functions, statistics and the use of resources, users, E-mail, website and domain, application and statistics.

Multi-server Clustering

Plesk does not support Multi-server clustering. You need an add-on called Service Automation Plesk to complete the task. cPanel & WHM to 11.4 has a new feature to easily manage multiple servers. the root user can use remote access keys. Some of the server’s configuration settings can be shared.

Loading speed

Plesk can cause loading to be slower than cPanel. This can be very slow on Linux server.

Webadmin allows you to manage your MySQL or MS SQL Server Database using a web browser. From cPanel, you can access PhpMyAdmin, which allows you to manage MySQL database.In if you need to access MS SQL from the panel, you need to stay with Plesk.