21, Jan, 2020
Which One, Windows or Linux is The Best

Which One, Windows or Linux is The Best

When we want to  choice and determining the Web hosting for our website, one of the first decisions we have to make is whether the platform of Windows or Linux is best for our needs?. If friends still start for a hosting plan that perfectly friends better get used to the icon that shows Windows hosting or hosting on Linux platform.

A hosting platform gives the type of operating system installed on the server, which will eventually host our website. The most common mistake that is made to think that using the program Linux hosting we need to have Linux installed on a PC and a plan, Windows hosting we have Windows on the PC. In fact, operating system that is installed on our PC are not relevant to hosting platforms that we use.

Security: it is important for all people who use the services of hosting, whether it uses Linux or windows. But today many people feel that linux is much safer than windows, but it’s a great one. Windows also actually has an advanced security and always update, only everything depends on the company that provides the services of the hosting service like. Whether the company can provide good security for Service hosting.

Features: Although the friends are hosting the website effectively the same function in both platforms Linux or Windows, the difference is, how to develop such functions. For example, if the friends are creating a website with a dynamic database, friends, PHP / MySQL on a Linux platform or ASP / MS SQL on a Windows platform, in order to achieve the same effective results. The ideal solution is to develop a website with a solution supported by both platforms. If the developer friends with instrument-based Microsoft such as InterDev, COM or software MS, then this will not be compatible with Linux platform hosting. Thus, in general, the choice on the preferences of programming developers more than the feature set.

Performance: Linux is generally more stable and able to provide better performance in comparison to windows, if the operating system is required to handle many processes at the same time.

Server access: if your friends want SSH or Telnet access, as friends want to access the files directly to the server without running it on local storage, from linux give you more profit. While for windows is feature with a remote desktop or Virtual Console.

Language support: programming languages to support Linux and Windows. In terms of language support, it seems that windows is still superior. In windows, we can implement the language ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby, Access, MySQL, HTML, Javascript and more. While linux is limited to only a few programming languages, open source is only.